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Hostdedi and Recapture Partner for Car Abandonment

Hostdedi, the truly managed commerce and content platform, today announced the addition of Recapture, an abandoned cart and email marketing application, to the Value Added Bundles available with their Managed WooCommerce solution. 

Recapture is a five-star rated app that helps online businesses recover lost revenue through technology and tools that assist with abandoned cart recovery, including targeted and segmented email campaigns and exit pop-ups. Ecommerce stores using Recapture on the Hostdedi platform can now automatically and quickly respond to every single customer who abandons their cart in an exceptionally personalized way, resulting in high cart capture rates. 

“At Hostdedi, our focus is SMB stores and the freelancers and agencies that serve them. That focus means we’re always innovating ways to make digital commerce better for our customers, including driving conversion for their ecommerce investments. As one of the best shopping cart abandonment and email marketing solutions on the market, Recapture is an easy and cost-effective solution that offers proven results and will be a tremendous asset in boosting customer lifetime value for the sites we manage,” said Chris Lema, VP, Product at Hostdedi. 

Under the partnership, the Recapture application will be integrated into the Hostdedi hosting platform, so that any customer running WooCommerce can benefit from Recapture’s cart abandonment features right away. Hostdedi customers can begin using Recapture for free, with reasonable fees that scale as their store’s profits grow. 

“We’re proud to partner with Hostdedi to bring our feature-rich solution to their trusted managed commerce platform. Merchants implementing Recapture will see an average of 10%+ boost to gross monthly revenue via abandoned cart recovery,” said Dave Rodenbaugh, Co-founder of Recapture.

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Hostdedi and Oliver POS connect Ecommerce ans Brick & Mortar

As global ecommerce sales continue experiencing exponential growth, Hostdedi, a leader in digital commerce, is partnering with leading-edge software company Oliver POS, to roll-out revolutionary technology for WooCommerce merchants. This latest ecommerce application brings essential data directly into the point-of-sale system from the online store, connecting both channels for seamless inventory management and increased sales opportunities. 

Oliver POS’ cloud-based technology provides real-time insights into inventory, products, sales, orders, customers, and more. This data is directly accessible from both the POS system and the online store. There is no need to configure or populate more than a single product catalog, and any changes made either in the store or POS system will automatically sync to the other platform. Providing real-time visibility into stock levels and a buyer’s history gives users across the business an easy way to complete a sale and provide a personalized experience to every customer. This data can drive upsell recommendations, discounts and offers, and special perks like free shipping at checkout. 

“Typically, in-store and online sales run entirely separate from one another, leading to mismatched inventories, scattered data, and a lot of wasted time” says Jan Stilling, CRO of Oliver. “With Oliver POS technology, your WooCommerce store stays completely synced with your physical store at all times.” 

Hostdedi is at the forefront of continuous innovation for WooCommerce and the store owners and agencies who use the platform. Through the partnership, Hostdedi will be the first solution provider to include this technology as a core feature of their Managed WooCommerce offering, giving SMBs and enterprises a much-needed tool to bridge the data gap between retail storefronts, online stores, pop-up shops and other outlets. 

Even greater opportunities lie in the Oliver POS app store where Hostdedi will be actively leading new app development. The tool is designed to be customized, welcoming new apps that simplify POS interactions including marketing, accounting, scheduling tools and more – everything to make sales conversions easier. 

“New application opportunities that elevate the customer experience and drive revenue at point of sale are limitless,” says Chris Lema, VP of Product at Hostdedi. “As ecommerce channels expand, the need for tech and data synchronization becomes even more important. We’re excited to be leading the way through open source innovation that provides tremendous value to the industry’.

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Hostdedi Enhances Auto Scaling for Traffic Spikes

Hostdedi, the market leader in Open Source Digital Commerce, has launched a new feature designed to keep heavy-trafficked websites stable under strain. Hostdedi Advanced Auto Scaling is ideal for agencies & enterprises looking to plan ahead and optimize ecommerce performance during the extreme traffic spikes expected for this year’s holiday season. 

Hostdedi Auto Scaling

For online stores, having a multitude of website visitors is similar to managing long lines in a brick and mortar store. When many people line up to check out at the same time, new registers will open to ease the flow and keep consumers engaged instead of enraged. Hostdedi launched Advanced Auto Scaling as a feature that continuously monitors websites for traffic and dynamically adds resources to accommodate bursts in user concurrency. When a scaling event is triggered and Hostdedi Auto Scaling is enabled, product pages and checkouts remain fast and crash-proof,  helping reduce cart abandonment while providing a consistent customer experience.

‘While significant traffic is a good problem to have, if you’re not prepared to handle it, you may lose a customer for life’ says Chris Lema, VP of Product at Hostdedi. ‘If you’re with a host that doesn’t offer auto scaling – or they can scale but it’s not automated – once your site gets overloaded, you’re likely to see delays and even crash. When Hostdedi Advanced Auto Scaling is enabled, it is “simply set it and forget it”. The magic lies in automation”, said Lema.  

Pricing & Availability

Advanced Auto Scaling is available for every Hostdedi customer on any of our Managed Magento, Managed WooCommerce and Managed WordPress plans for $99/month. Providing even greater flexibility, if more resources are ever needed, additional containers with 10 PHP workers a piece can be added for $50/day.

At Hostdedi, we’re focused on delivering a (truly) managed content and commerce platform for SMBs and the Web Professionals who create for them.  Advanced Auto-Scaling comes to the rescue when traffic surges, maintaining speed, security and a great customer experience.   Hostdedi customers can promote flash sales, see activity from a post that goes viral, or prepare for seasonal spikes like holiday shopping with no worries that their site can handle success when it comes their way.  

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Passing the Torch – Hostdedi Blog

No matter where you stand politically, you can’t deny that Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a force. I have a special place in my heart for her as we’re both from Brooklyn. Her demeanor, her mannerisms, and her grit take me back to the 1970’s-1980’s New York of my youth. You don’t mess with Native Brooklynites. We don’t all sound like Tony Manero, but our strut is innate.

As working men and women, there are many reasons to be grateful for RBG’s contributions to our society. Her history is now documented everywhere – from no one hiring her after she graduated first in her class from Columbia, to losing her job because she got pregnant. Her personal challenges and beliefs drove her to fight for justice and equal protection under the law for all of us. 

Navigating a Path to Leadership

I have worked in tech for 20+ years and we all know the stories. With the exception of crossing paths with one or two extraordinary female leaders during my career, I’ve seen first-hand the limitations and struggles faced by women, including myself, to navigate a path to leadership. When I landed at Hostdedi, the tides turned. It’s not lost on me that my peers and I are incredibly fortunate to work for a company that hires really smart individuals to do really smart things. Our culture, built on entrepreneurship, supports our strengths, our skill sets, and the ability to learn as you go. 

Our COO is one of those extraordinary women. And we’ve got a plethora of women in leadership roles across the organization – Marketing, Operations, Sales, and Channel. We are surrounded by team members who recognize our achievements, respect our work, and look to us to pave the way as they navigate their own careers. 

We didn’t get here by playing it safe. We all took risks. Got shot down. Were likely bypassed for promotions. Had others steal our ideas and claim them for their own. Maybe we didn’t talk enough. Or maybe we talked too much. Many of us had to figure out how to juggle managing a household and being a parent while still striving for professional success. These challenges are faced across traditional fields for women working outside of the home, but tech offers its own set of obstacles to overcome. Tenacity and confidence are key drivers that ensure you never give up on yourself. Even if others do. 

A North Star for All of Us

RBG’s persistence and attitude towards her professional mission should be a North Star for all of us. A strong sense of self, confidence that doesn’t turn into arrogance, an honest interest in helping others, a passion for learning, and an ability to grow and evolve.These are key attributes for every leader, no matter their gender. 

It is our duty to offer career paths to those that follow us. Opportunities to learn and grow. Mentorship to address issues that may be better than they were yesterday, but still require navigation. To empower our teams, welcome their ideas, be confident enough to recognize better ideas, and allow everyone to pursue greatness. 

Thank you, Ruth. We will take what you’ve given us and pass the torch. 

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Magento 1 End of Life: It’s July. Is your store safe?

We made it to July. Congratulations.

I’m guessing your online store, if you’re running Magento 1, is still standing – even if companies large and small were telling you that the “end of life” situation with Magento 1 was dire. If you’ve been reading things we’ve written already about it, you know we were big fans of being honest without creating alarm and stress.

But now we’re here – past Magento 1’s end of life, and we
need to ask the question, the one you’re likely asking yourself already. Is your store

I think there are four ways to answer that question.

Is your store’s code safe?

The good news is that nothing about the code that was
running on your site last month has changed this month. What worked last
quarter will work this quarter. Files didn’t suddenly go bad or corrupt. And
there weren’t any special protections on your files or code that expired.

The End of Life declaration for Magento 1 code from
Adobe/Magento means that if some new bug were found, they wouldn’t be creating
patches any longer. But that is a statement about the future, not about the
code that has been running your store up until now.

So the answer to this version of the question, is yes, as of
right now, your code is safe.

Is your store safe to handle financial transactions?

Another way to ask the question is whether the code itself
is good to handle financial transactions. In other words, will your store
remain PCI compliant? And the good news again is that there hasn’t been any
sudden change that would make your store out of compliance simply because Adobe
has said they want you to move to Magento 2 now.

That said, we’re not answering this question flippantly. The
reality is that PCI compliance is a constant and ongoing dynamic that requires
that everyone stay vigilant with compliance scans. If a scan comes back with a
gap or issue, the only way to stay compliant is to address the issues.

But if Adobe / Magento aren’t publishing patches and your
scan comes back with a vulnerability, how do you handle it? It’s a great
question and the driver behind our creation of the Hostdedi Safe Harbor
. We have your back.

Nevertheless, at this point, shy of something changing,
you’re good to go with handling transactions unless your payment gateway
decides to stop supporting their Magento 1 module.

If that happens, we
strongly suggest you check out Stripe
, who has a commitment to keeping
their Magento 1 module going for their customers.

Is your store safe from external attack?

Another way to ask the safety question is to wonder about
external attacks – malicious players who know that we’ve reach the end of life
for Magento 1 and they want to take advantage of the situation.

Most hosts have some level of protection against bad actors.
This kind of question is something you should ask them directly about.

What I can tell you about Hostdedi is that we’ve been hosting and supporting Magento 1 merchants since Magento was created. We know the codebase and we’ve created dedicated hosting solutions for stores of every size. Along with that, we’ve created a best-in-class security infrastructure that supports Magento 1 stores.

But if your current host doesn’t give you some great
answers, or if they tell you that your only answer is to migrate your store to
Magento 2, then I’d love to introduce you to our Safe Harbor
, which provides malware detection, firewalls and IP protection, and
so much more.

Will your store continue to stay safe?

The last way I think about this question of safety is about
the condition of your store as things continue to evolve and change.

One of the things we talk about here a lot is the evaluation
and transition that many merchants have been considering to other platforms –
like Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify and

Every one of those transitions, if they happen, take time.
So what do you do if you want to start that kind of transition but still want
to keep your Magento 1 store safe? Some of these migrations take months, others
can take quarters.

The good news, and you’ve seen me reference it multiple
times already, is our Hostdedi Safe Harbor
that isn’t a long-term contract. It’s a month-to-month solution
that provides protection even as you consider and potentially begin a migration
of your store.

No matter what, there’s a way to keep your store safe

As you can see, any way you ask the question, the answer
remains the same. With Hostdedi as your hosting partner, we’re here to help you
feel confident about running your Magento 1 store. No matter what, there’s a
way to keep your store safe.

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When Not To Push the Panic Button

These are times of authentic fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The last thing any of us – or any of our bottom lines – need is the dissemination of falsehoods or false choices intended to drive panicked business decisions. Unfortunately, shamefully, and near daily, we come across such messages relating to the Magento 1 platform (M1) end of life next month.

Disruption? Yes, absolutely. Despair? Absolutely not. 

Deep breath. 

Some vendors would have you believe that maintaining PCI compliance is incompatible with staying on Magento 1. From multinational financial services to “solopreneurs in ecommerce,” businesses that rely on the M1 platform are NOT tethered to an expensive migration to Magento 2 at the end of June 2020. We know this because Hostdedi has been the leading hosting provider for Magento stores for more than ten years. 

We also know – now more than ever – that uninterrupted sales and services are top of mind. Thus, we designed Hostdedi Safe Harbor for those who cannot afford to – or need more time to strategize – or do not wish to migrate to M2. Stay with Magento 1, and our Safe Harbor product provides security and technology updates for an extended period of time. 

Hostdedi is a PCI DSS Level 1 provider across all hosting solutions. Our platform is aligned with PCI compliance requirements, offering your customers the secure buying experience they expect. Hostdedi Safe Harbor offers security procedures and safeguards that exceed compliance requirements.

You can also connect with us about alternative platforms that can meet the needs of ecommerce enterprises large and small, from high-paced to mid-level to newly launched. 

As previously shared in this space by my amazing colleagues and by me (please see below), you have options. Even 60 days out. Interim or otherwise, Hostdedi Safe Harbor may be the place and the space you need as you consider the following: 

  • The customizable flexibility, stability, and security of M1’s open source platform
  • Cost and time relating to re-platforming/migrating
  • Magento 1 is incredibly stable as it’s already been vetted by the entire Magento community.
  • Patches, patches, patches
  • Customization on the back end can mean replatforming costs upwards of 100k 

Here at Hostdedi, we are a big tent provider and love helping companies of all sizes – those who use the open-source version of Magento or those who use the enterprise version. We don’t champion doomsday either/or scenarios. Nor do we believe that adversity mandates an adversarial approach. History has shown that when people work together to put forth thoughtful solutions, we can collectively meet any challenge – today or tomorrow. The same holds true for all of us at Hostdedi and in our work with customers. Side by side, site by site, store by store. Let us show you how. 

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Free Trials for Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce Hosting

TLDR: We’re excited to announce 14-day free trials for our Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce hosting plans. No credit card needed.

We’ve always been proud of the services we offer. Hostdedi makes running a WordPress store incredibly easy, offering the fastest hosting for WooCommerce on the market.

Charts and tables are boring to look through. Plus it is just better to take something for a test drive and see exactly how fast it can be.

That’s precisely why we’re offering free trials. You can now experience how fast your WooCommerce or WordPress site will load with our optimized technology.

You can:

  • See automatic daily backups
  • Relax as we update your plugins with visual testing for verification
  • Discover the value in our bundles services which come with our hosting plans.

While you are trying out your new hosting plan, if you have questions you can interact with our knowledgeable 24/7/365 support team who can help you with any problem or answer any question.

A Free Trial Is About Trying Before Buying

Have you ever tried something new only to end up underwhelmed and disappointed?

I recently had this experience at breakfast. I wanted my usual – a breakfast burrito with eggs – but the waiter suggested the southwest vegan scramble, so I went with it! 

It only took one bite to realize my mistake. I went back and forth on whether I should ask the restaurant to make me another one. On one hand, the tofu was not for me. On the other, I knew the risk when I ordered! 

In the end, I ate the vegan scramble even though I didn’t love it because I didn’t want to pay for a second breakfast. It wasn’t bad enough for me to deal with the hassle of ordering again. The whole situation was awkward. I didn’t get what I wanted but it was easier to just stick with it. 

This is exactly what we want to avoid with our free trials. 

When you sign up for a free trial you’re testing a theory about what you think you need. We want you to be able to experiment without fear and see for yourself why Hostdedi is the right platform for you.  So dabble away – there’s no risk and no hassle because we only ask for credit card information after you’ve had some time to make up your mind.

Starter & Spark Plans

Our free trials automatically use our Starter (for Managed WooCommerce hosting) & Spark (For Managed WordPress) plans. Both of these will show you how fast your website will load on our infrastructure and should be great for most websites.

14 Days of Experiments

Every host says they’re the fastest & most reliable. We don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to see how much faster we are.

  1. Go to GTMetrix (free) and run a speed test on your current website
  2. Copy your site over to Hostdedi
  3. Run a GTMetrix speed test on your soon-to-be new website
  4. Celebrate 🎉

You can do that in one day.

From there there’s a lot more you can experiment with. Test our bundled software, migrate your production site to a staging website and install new plugins and then move it back, test our automatic & manual backups and while you’re at it test how easy it is to restore those backups.

Free Migrations

Once you’ve tried our platform we’re confident you’ll want to move over. That’s why we offer free migrations. Just select one of our plans, reach out to support, and they’ll start the process to migrate all of your data.

Try Before You Buy

If you’ve never purchased Managed hosting, you’re in for a treat. We take all of the friction out of running a WordPress or WooCommerce site.

  • We automatically backup your site
  • We have staging sites so you can experiment with plugins to see how they work before installing them on your production sites
  • We automatically update plugins & WordPress itself using visual testing to verify those updates won’t break your site
  • And a whole lot more

You can read more about each of our managed hosting services and sign up for a free trial. Check out our Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce hosting and let us do the tedious parts of website maintenance for you.

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Welcome Our Newest Expert, Patrick Rauland

Hostdedi is pleased to welcome Patrick Rauland as our new Product Marketing Manager for managed WooCommerce. Patrick is a known WooCommerce expert with experience in development, configuration, and client-based consulting. 

Before joining Hostdedi, Patrick was a Woo Product Manager at WooThemes and Automattic, as well as an industry trainer and author. Patrick has experience developing core functionality in WooCommerce itself, leading technology releases, and helping run ecommerce conferences.

In his new role, Patrick will focus on increasing Hostdedi’s WooCommerce presence in the market.

“I’m excited to join Hostdedi. They have the hands-down best plan for WooCommerce customers and I’m excited to articulate exactly why that is and what you can get out of it.”

Patrick will work out of Denver, and we can’t wait to see his impact on the WooCommerce market and our own Hostdedi team. 

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Welcome our Newest Expert, Jessica Mott

We’re happy to welcome Jessica Mott to the Hostdedi team as our new Southeast Regional Channel Executive. Jessica will be based out of Atlanta and brings years of experience building and nurturing relationships with Magento development partners. 

Before Hostdedi, Jessica served as the Ecommerce Partner Manager for Total Server Solutions, where she was responsible for direct and channel sales, as well as marketing for ecommerce and enterprise clients.

Jessica’s focus at Hostdedi will be to grow Magento agencies and partnerships, for which she will leverage her sales leadership experience and Magento expertise. 

“I deeply value partnerships. When companies work well together, common goals are not only met, but in my experience, exceeded. I am proud and excited to join the Hostdedi team!”

We can’t wait to see all that Jessica accomplishes at Hostdedi.

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Hostdedi Welcomes David Eblen

We are excited to welcome David Eblen to the Hostdedi team as our new Vice President of Strategy & Analytics. With nearly 20 years experience in technology services and solutions, David brings a proficiency in business development and strong technical expertise in creating vision and business-focused strategies. 

David is joining us from Rackspace where he served for nearly 9 years. As the Senior Product Director at Rackspace, he managed a team of 85 employees across four global focus areas, led their applications business unit, and drove double-digit growth. He also served as the Director of Products and Senior Manager of Cloud Operations while with Rackspace.

David’s main focus at Hostdedi will be driving performance through constant focus and analysis of our Key Performance Metrics. 

“I believe strongly in an intense focus on customer outcomes and solutions. As a leader in the ecommerce space with those same values, I believe Hostdedi is a great fit for me.  I’m excited to join the team!”

David will be based in our San Antonio office and we look forward to his outstanding contributions to the Hostdedi team.

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