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Free Trials for Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce Hosting

TLDR: We’re excited to announce 14-day free trials for our Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce hosting plans. No credit card needed.

We’ve always been proud of the services we offer. Hostdedi makes running a WordPress store incredibly easy, offering the fastest hosting for WooCommerce on the market.

Charts and tables are boring to look through. Plus it is just better to take something for a test drive and see exactly how fast it can be.

That’s precisely why we’re offering free trials. You can now experience how fast your WooCommerce or WordPress site will load with our optimized technology.

You can:

  • See automatic daily backups
  • Relax as we update your plugins with visual testing for verification
  • Discover the value in our bundles services which come with our hosting plans.

While you are trying out your new hosting plan, if you have questions you can interact with our knowledgeable 24/7/365 support team who can help you with any problem or answer any question.

A Free Trial Is About Trying Before Buying

Have you ever tried something new only to end up underwhelmed and disappointed?

I recently had this experience at breakfast. I wanted my usual – a breakfast burrito with eggs – but the waiter suggested the southwest vegan scramble, so I went with it! 

It only took one bite to realize my mistake. I went back and forth on whether I should ask the restaurant to make me another one. On one hand, the tofu was not for me. On the other, I knew the risk when I ordered! 

In the end, I ate the vegan scramble even though I didn’t love it because I didn’t want to pay for a second breakfast. It wasn’t bad enough for me to deal with the hassle of ordering again. The whole situation was awkward. I didn’t get what I wanted but it was easier to just stick with it. 

This is exactly what we want to avoid with our free trials. 

When you sign up for a free trial you’re testing a theory about what you think you need. We want you to be able to experiment without fear and see for yourself why Hostdedi is the right platform for you.  So dabble away – there’s no risk and no hassle because we only ask for credit card information after you’ve had some time to make up your mind.

Starter & Spark Plans

Our free trials automatically use our Starter (for Managed WooCommerce hosting) & Spark (For Managed WordPress) plans. Both of these will show you how fast your website will load on our infrastructure and should be great for most websites.

14 Days of Experiments

Every host says they’re the fastest & most reliable. We don’t want you to take our word for it. We want you to see how much faster we are.

  1. Go to GTMetrix (free) and run a speed test on your current website
  2. Copy your site over to Hostdedi
  3. Run a GTMetrix speed test on your soon-to-be new website
  4. Celebrate 🎉

You can do that in one day.

From there there’s a lot more you can experiment with. Test our bundled software, migrate your production site to a staging website and install new plugins and then move it back, test our automatic & manual backups and while you’re at it test how easy it is to restore those backups.

Free Migrations

Once you’ve tried our platform we’re confident you’ll want to move over. That’s why we offer free migrations. Just select one of our plans, reach out to support, and they’ll start the process to migrate all of your data.

Try Before You Buy

If you’ve never purchased Managed hosting, you’re in for a treat. We take all of the friction out of running a WordPress or WooCommerce site.

  • We automatically backup your site
  • We have staging sites so you can experiment with plugins to see how they work before installing them on your production sites
  • We automatically update plugins & WordPress itself using visual testing to verify those updates won’t break your site
  • And a whole lot more

You can read more about each of our managed hosting services and sign up for a free trial. Check out our Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce hosting and let us do the tedious parts of website maintenance for you.

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