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How To Create a Bundle Product in Magento [Visual Guide]

Shopify shares sock retailer raised its average order value by 358% using product bundling. The exciting part is that they did it while selling bundles that were more expensive than buying the items individually.

Product bundling is a great way to increase sales, move inventory, and encourage customers to buy more. And Magento users can do it without a Magento 2 bundle product extension.

Ready to learn how to create a bundle product in Magento?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What Is a Bundle Product in Magento?

A bundle product in Magento 2 is a collection of simple or virtual products, without custom options, sold together as a “kit.” It lets buyers customize their purchases by choosing from a set of pre-configured options.

When customers land on the product page, they don’t see an Add to Cart button. Instead, they see a Customize and Add to Cart button that scrolls to the available bundle options and lets them customize their bundle before purchase.

Before we show you how to create a bundle product in Magento, let’s understand what makes Magento 2 bundle products unique.

The Difference Between Bundle Product and Configurable Product in Magento

Bundle products are often confused with configurable products because they allow customers to choose options. But there’s a difference between the two product types.

Configurable products let you consolidate the different product versions into a single product on the frontend. They make it easy for customers to choose product variations without browsing the entire catalog.

In contrast, bundle products let you combine different products and create bundles with varying degrees of customizability. You can offer fixed product bundles sold “as-is” or create fully customizable bundles.

Configurable products are ideal for selling variable products like t-shirts and jackets generally produced in different colors and sizes. On the other hand, Magento bundle products are perfect for selling packages of assorted products.

For example, if you sell yoga gear, you can create a customizable product bundle of mats, foam rollers, and gym balls. This will let your customers choose their preferred yoga mat design, foam roller style, and gym ball size from the preset options before buying.

How To Create a Bundle Product in Magento

  • Step 1: Choose the Bundled Product Template.
  • Step 2: Pick an Attribute Set.
  • Step 3: Complete the Required Settings.
  • Step 4: Configure the Basic Settings.
  • Step 5: Add the Bundle Options.
  • Step 6: Add the Optional Product Information
  • Step 7: Publish the Product.

Here’s how to create a bundle product in Magento and configure its options.

Step 1: Choose the Bundled Product Template

1. Navigate to Catalog > Products in the Magento admin panel.

2. Expand the Add Product menu and click on the Bundle Product button.

Step 2: Pick an Attribute Set

Choose an attribute set for the product using the dropdown. Alternatively, create a new set of product attributes using the Add Attribute button.

Step 3: Complete the Required Settings

1. Enter the values for the Product Name, SKU, and Quantity.

2. Switch the toggle for Dynamic SKU from Yes to No to assign unique SKUs to the bundle items.

3. Configure Dynamic Price settings:

  1. If you want the product’s price to change based on the options chosen by the customer, set the bundle product Dynamic Price toggle to Yes. In this case, the bundle product will display a price range on the front end.
  2. To charge a fixed price, switch the Dynamic Price toggle to No and set the Price for the bundle.

4. Switch the Enable Product toggle to No and save the product as we’re not ready to publish yet.

After this, you’ll see the Store View option appear under the product name on the upper-left corner of the page. You can use the default setting to assign the product to all store views or set it to a specific one using the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Configure the Basic Settings

Configure the values for the following basic product settings:

  • Tax Class.
  • Quantity.
  • Stock Status.
  • Weight/Dynamic Weight.
  • Categories.
  • Visibility.
  • Set Product as New From.
  • Country of Manufacture.

Step 5: Add the Bundle Options

This step differentiates the process of creating a bundle product in Magento from that of other product types.

1. Expand the Bundle Items section and configure the setting for Ship Bundle Items to either Separately or Together.

2. Click Add Option to add bundle items to the product.

3. Configure the bundle options:

  • Add an Option Title to use as the field label.
  • Choose the Input Type from the four available options.
  • Click on the Required checkbox to make it mandatory.
  • Click Add Products to Option.

4. Add individual items to the Magento product bundle by selecting the checkbox beside the virtual or simple product and clicking Add Selected Products.

5. Choose an item in the Default column to set the default selection for the bundle option.

6. Set the Magento bundle product quantity in the Default Quantity column.

7. Optional: By default, customers can’t change the product quantity of a bundle option. They can only add multiples of the default product value.

Select the User Defined checkbox to let customers customize the bundle item quantity.

8. Repeat the steps listed above to add more bundle product items.

9. Click Save to save the product.

Step 6: Add the Optional Product Information

Configure the optional product information in each of the following sections:

  • Content: Add the product description and product details.
  • Images and Videos: Add a product image.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Optimize the product metadata.
  • Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells: Add related products.
  • Customizable Options: Add product customizations.
  • Products in Websites: Assign the product to websites.
  • Design: Choose a custom layout.
  • Gift Options: Add gift options.

Step 7: Publish the Product

1. Scroll to the top and set the Enable Product toggle to Yes.

2. Click Save to publish the product.

Final Thoughts: How To Add a Bundle Product in Magento

Once you learn how to create a bundle product in Magento, you can create complex product bundles using different bundling strategies.

For example, you can create mix-and-match bundles, product launch bundles, and even buy-one-get-one bundles. The possibilities are endless.

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