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Custom Landing Pages Are A Vital Feature Of Any Lead Generation Page

Custom Landing PagesLet me ask you a question. Have you ever clicked on a link in a advert, on social media, or in a blog post, and been taken to the home page of a website with no clue how to find what interested you in the first place? You saw a link embedded in content that made you take an action, but that initial surge of interest was wasted.

That’s why custom landing pages are so important. Without a custom page tailored to the specific needs of a campaign, opportunities to convert are wasted. The ideal journey should be from interest, to engagement, to conversion. At no point on that journey should leads be made to work so they can move to the next stage. If they are, the conversion funnel will leak at every stage.

Custom landing pages give site owners the opportunity to display the right content at the right time.

What does a great custom landing page look like?


There’s no one-size-fits-all template for creating effective landing pages, but there are components that all good landing page share.

Prominent calls-to-action. A call to action is a short piece of copy that encourages a lead to take an action. Usually a CTA pithily expresses a value proposition and suggests an action that can be taken to realise that value: “Sign up here for a 10% discount”.

Short, relevant copy. Writing effective landing page copy is an art, but the basic idea is to describe a product and its benefits to the lead. It’s the copy that sells the product. Although most landing pages use short-form copy, there are many examples of landing sites that take the opposite route, including the one in the above images. When in doubt, keep it short, but don’t be afraid to go long-form if it fits the product and the campaign.

Lead-generation forms. The primary purpose of landing pages is to collect leads, and embedding a lead generation form into the landing page allows leads to express an interest immediately.

Visual impact. Effective landing pages take advantage of video, product images, and design to deliver information and display the product in a positive light.

Custom Landing Pages In WordPress

WordPress users can easily deploy custom landing pages and use links to those pages in marketing campaigns. You don’t need anything in addition to WordPress’ default capabilities to create custom landing pages, but there is some benefit to using a plugin that offers functionality to help you build the most effective pages.

One of the best free landing page plugins is WordPress Landing Pages, which lacks some of the features of its premium peers, but has everything you need to build effective landing pages, including a visual editor, custom landing page themes, conversion rate tracking, and simple A/B testing.

Among the premium cohort, Optimizely offers a comprehensive array of inbound marketing features, including themes and custom elements from which you can build landing pages. Optimizely is a feature rich inbound marketing platform with a focus on split testing and experimentations, something that’s key to building landing pages that actually work.

Whether or not you choose to use a premium plugins or go it alone with WordPress’ basic page-making features, creating custom landing pages is an essential step towards increased conversions.

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