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What is the Best Contact Form Plugin for WordPress?

Contact forms are needed on almost all websites. Luckily, there are a number of easy-to-use WordPress form plugins on the market.

A contact form is a way to gain feedback from customers or allow them to contact you directly through your site. The most commonly used form plugins all have a pretty similar set of features and integrations. 

  • Allows you to view form entries
  • Works with a captcha service
  • Works with Zapier
  • Works with Mailchimp and other marketing services

The marketplace has shifted a fair bit from the contact form options that used to be available for free and feature complete form plugin options. There are now so many solid options to pick from that choosing a contact form plugin for your site all comes down to which one you prefer and how well it works for you. 

Ask yourself these questions to work out which form plugin solution is the right one for you.

  • Do I need the paid version of this plugin or will the free version work? 
  • Will I need more add-on and features for my forms down the line?

Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is a solid, free form plugin that has more options than most. Caldera Forms is developed by Saturday Drive, the same company behind Ninja Forms. Caldera Forms has an easy to use drag-drop interface for building forms. You could use Caldera Forms for building a simple contact form, a simple booking form, a credit card payment form, or a rating form.

  • One of the best free form plugins
  • It contains all of the features you will need
  • Easy to use

Everest Forms

Everest Forms plugin has a complete set of features and is another option worth checking out on your site. WPEverest is the company behind Everest Forms.

  • Drap and drop
  • Clean UI
  • Easy to use


Forminator is a pretty new form plugin from WPMU DEV. It offers a very complete set of features in the free version. 

  • Drag and drop form blocks
  • Complete set of integrations with common services
  • Includes a block for the block editor
  • Email routing
  • Front-end post submissions
  • Multi-fie upload field

The only feature that is not in the free version of the Forminator plugin is the e-signature feature which offered in the Pro version. Forminator is worth checking out.

  • Feature complete
  • Is not a limited form plugin
  • Solid for a free plugin


weForms is another solid plugin that comes with a huge range of features built-in. BoldGrid is the company behind weForms. If you are using the block editor then weForms comes with a block.

  • It just works
  • Easy UI
  • Has a number of built-in features


The MetForm plugin works with Elementor which means that you can control the form from within the Elementor page builder on your site. Wpmet is the company behind MetForm.

  • Clean UI
  • Works in Elementor which means you can edit forms in Elementor
  • Has a number of integrations built-in

Contact Coldform

One the easiest to use simple form plugin options for a contact form is Contact Coldform. Jeff Star is the plugin developer behind the Contact Coldform plugin.

  • Easy to use
  • Works well
  • Basic and does exactly what it says

Gutenberg Forms

If you are using the block editor on your site then one of the recommended form plugin for the block editor is Gutenberg Forms.

  • Works with the block editor
  • Native in the block editor
  • Easy of use

Contact Forms by Gutenforms

If you are using the block editor on your site then another recommended form plugin for the block editor is Contact Forms by Gutenforms.

  • Simple forms
  • Block editor compatible
  • Simple to use

Honorable mentions for more well-known form plugins for WordPress include Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Formidable Forms. Ninja Forms and Formidable forms both have versions which are on Gravity Forms is a premium form plugin which comes with many features and add-on plugins for extra features and integrations. Ninja Forms and Formidable Forms also come with add-on features and all have pretty similar levels of features and add-ons, and well-priced plans.

Please take the time to test drive any of the contact form plugins we’ve mentioned on your staging site. After you have tested the form plugin of your choice, you can now begin creating all of the needed forms on your site.

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