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The 5 Best Elementor Add-on Plugins

Elementor is a well-used page builder plugin that makes it easy to build out content on your sites. Elementor has over 5+ million active installs which means there is a massive market for add-on plugins for Elementor which will extend its features and add additional elements and widgets that can be used on your site.

Knowing which are the best add-on plugins for Elementor can be a massive task to go through and then test all of those plugins to see how well they work and which modules they will add to your site.

Luckily we are going to cover the five best Elementor add-on plugins in this article.

Elementor Add-ons

The first is Elements Kit Lite it includes 40 widgets as well as a header and footer builder, sticky content, one-page scroll, and loads of other features. 

Lite version

Includes 40+ widgets

Pro version

Includes a number of exclusive widgets that are not available in the lite version.

The next add-on plugin is Livemesh Addons for Elementor

It includes features such as posts grid, portfolio grid, post carousel, counters odometers, progress bars, testimonials, clients, pricing plan, and loads of other features in the lite version of the plugin. The pro version of the plugin includes a number of features that will work with Elementor Pro.

Lite version

Includes a massive range or core add-on features.

Pro version

The premium add-ons include a number of premium add-ons.

The Element Pack Lite add-on plugin is a well-reviewed plugin that includes a lot of widgets even in the lite version.

Lite version

Includes 35 widgets.

Pro version

Includes a massive 156 widgets.

The Stratum add-on plugin includes 20+ Elementor add-ons. The pro version will give you even more control over the 20+ Elementor add-on that the plugin will add to your site the easiest way to find the difference between the lite and the pro version is from this link.

Lite version

Includes 20+ premium Elementor widgets

Pro version

Includes the 20+ premium Elementor widget but with more customization options over them.

The final Elementor add-on plugin that we are going to cover is the All-in-One Addons for Elementor – WidgetKit plugin. 

The plugin includes elements like animated headline, button + modal, blog carousel, blog hover animation, blog image, click to tweet, contact form, content carousel, and countdown along with many other elements.

Lite version

Includes 28+ elements.

Pro version

Includes 55+ Elementor add-ons. Includes a number of widgets for LearnDash and WooCommerce.

Why use Elementor Add-ons

These five Elementor add-on plugins only scratch the surface of the plugins for Elementor that are out there to extend the features of the Elementor page builder plugin on your site. Elementor is an easy to use page builder plugin that will make building your next site even easier.

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