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Remarketing With Google AdWords To Increase Magento Conversions

Remarketing With Google AdWords To Increase Magento Conversions

Have you ever had that strange experience of visiting a company’s site to look at their products or services and then some time later noticed adverts for that company being displayed on unrelated pages as you browse the web? That happens not because of synchronicity, but because you have been targeted for remarketing, a powerful advertising technique that allows brands to reconnect with visitors to their site.

It’s extremely valuable for brands to be able to target their advertising effectively. The more precise the targeting, the more likely a reasonable ROI will result from a campaign. In the era of tracking, targeting is fairly precise; ads will end up in front of people who have in some way signaled their interest, but click-through rates and conversions are typically fairly low because ad targeting often can’t tell which stage of the purchase cycle a buyer is in, or whether they are interested in a particular brand.

When a potential customer visits an online store, it’s a strong indicator of interest. Shoppers abandon their purchases for many different reasons, including simple distraction, momentary doubt, the desire to do more research, and so on. Being able to advertise to those customers and reignite their interest has been shown to be remarkably effective.

One of the best tools available for remarketing is part of Google’s AdWords. When Google released this service, it was horribly complicated to set up remarketing, but earlier this year they changed the process to considerably simplify it. Now all you need to do is add the remarketing snippet to each page in your Magento site. You’ll find the snippet under Audiences, in the Shared Library section of your AdWords Campaign. Naturally, there’s a Magento extension in Magento Connect to ease the process of adding this snippet to your site’s pages.

Once the snippet is added, you can start building lists of site visitors that are segmented by the URLs they have visited and then create ads specific to those lists.

Suppose you run a Magento online store selling umbrellas and parasols, and you want to advertise to those customers who visited your product pages but didn’t buy anything. You would like to display different ads depending on whether people are interested in buying an umbrella or a parasol.

You would create three lists by entering the URLs that represent where customers ended their visit to your store. Two lists would contain the people who visited the umbrella and parasol pages, and one would be for the people made a purchase and visited an ‘Order Confirmation’ page.

AdWords allows custom combinations of lists, so to remarket to those who showed an interest in umbrellas, you would create your ad, and then target those on the list of people who visited the umbrella product pages, but are not on the ‘order confirmation’ list.

In addition to targeting visitors who failed to convert, this technique can also be used for up-selling and cross-selling. Remarketing is a very powerful way of giving your business a second chance at a sale that might have been lost to a competitor.

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