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OroCRM 1.10 Is Now Available — Here’s What New!

OroCRM 1.10OroCRM is a customer relationship management application from the original creators of the Magento eCommerce store. It’s an excellent addition to the sales workflow of eCommerce stores, enabling retailers to maximize the positive impact of customer data from numerous channels, including their Magento store. Ever since the 1.0 release of OroCRM, its developers have been hard at work on version 1.10, which was released on August 16.

If you want to know more about OroCRM, we discussed it in-depth in a recent article published when we announced the addition of OroCRM hosting to our lineup of performance optimized hosting plans.

OroCRM brings a number of new features and enhancements.

Improved API

Integrating with other applications and services is a key component of customer relationship management. With a solid API, companies can build custom integrations for inputting and extracting data from the OroCRM application.

Since the initial release of OroCRM 1, the API has been given a comprehensive facelift. The new JSON Rest API is significantly less complex than the previous versions, making it much easier for developers to write bug-free code to interact with entities.

Users of OroCRM should be aware that although the existing API will be supported for some time to come, its use will eventually be deprecated in favor of the new high-performance API.

“We decided to develop a completely new automated Oro Platform API that is based on entity metadata. This means that after you create an entity, all of its fields and relations become immediately available via API — so you can get their contents, create new records, and update and delete existing records immediately.”

New Leads And Opportunities Workflow

The Sales Process workflow has been completely re-engineered, and is now known as the Leads And Opportunities workflow. The changes to the workflow are intended to make managing leads and transitioning them to opportunities more efficient and intuitive.

Some of the most important changes include the ability to create leads without requiring a first and last name, something that’s essential when leads may be generated from sources that don’t provide that information — email subscription forms being an obvious example.

Furthermore, the sales flow can now be launched directly from the Opportunities interface, streamlining the process considerably.

And thirdly, the Opportunity workflow itself is now more flexible; retailers can choose to have no mandated workflow to give sales representatives complete flexibility, or a default workflow that helps maintain the integrity of customer data.

More Data Filters

OroCRM 1.10 includes several new data filters, allowing opportunities to be filtered by individual sales reps and teams. Data and time filters have been added to make it easy for retailers and sales teams to see the specific data they are interested in.

OroCRM 1.10 also includes numerous smaller tweaks and enhancements. To see the full list, take a look at the release announcement.

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