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New OpenVPN Plans For Magento And WordPress Dedicated Servers

OpenVPNWe’re happy to announce the introduction of secure OpenVPN accounts to our dedicated server and enterprise cluster hosting plans. OpenVPN allows site owners to use a secure encrypted login process to access services on dedicated servers that would otherwise be unencrypted, including HTTP and FTP services.

OpenVPN will be available on all 400 and 500–level dedicated server plans as well as all enterprise cluster levels. Dedicated servers from the 400 tier can choose OpenVPN protection for $24.99 per server per month, and dedicated servers in the 500 tier will receive OpenVPN protection as standard at no added cost.

All of our Magento dedicated server plans include SSL certificates that protect customer-facing services from man-in-the-middle attacks and scrutiny by malicious third-parties. But web-based SSL protection doesn’t apply when connecting to services like FTP, which doesn’t automatically encrypt data connections.

Usually, those services are firewalled to prevent access, but in many cases, off site workers require access to services that are not by default secure. The introduction of OpenVPN to our dedicated server and enterprise cluster plans allows clients to provide offsite server administrators and developers with the access they need without compromising server security. All authorized OpenVPN connections are made over a securely encrypted virtual private network using state-of-the-art cryptographic technology.

OpenVPN is an open source service that uses TLS certificates to implement secure virtual private networks, and is capable of traversing NATs and firewalls. The OpenVPN service uses certificate-based authentication, so no passwords are required.

You can access OpenVPN services with any OpenVPN-compatible client, but we can only help with support issues and troubleshooting if you use an OpenVPN client we support on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

It should be noted that the new OpenVPN services don’t replace site-to-site IPSEC VPN tunnels already in use. OpenVPN is intended to be used only when authorized personnel require secure access to servers and we won’t create OpenVPN accounts for other purposes.

To access individual services on your dedicated servers, you will still need to use the standard accounts that we provide. OpenVPN authentication protects connections when you access services using your standard user accounts, but the credentials are distinct. You’ll need to let our support team know if you want to terminate your OpenVPN accounts.

Since shared hosting plans are multi-tenant environments, VPN services are only available on dedicated servers and enterprise clusters. OpenVPN is only available with dedicated server and enterprise cluster plans.

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