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Mission Critical Environments

This week’s 30-minute session was with Doug, the Hostdedi data center facilities manager, covering everything you need to know about mission critical environments. He began by saying that maintaining reliability and security for mission critical environments is… mission critical. He then took marker to wall to expand on that.

What are Mission Critical Environments

Mission critical environments are hosting environments integral to the consistent and reliable running of a data center. This primarily includes servers, but data centers need to maintain other elements too.

  • Infrastructure (buildings)
  • Redundancies (backup generators, etc)
  • Tools (disaster recovery, maintenance)
  • Other unknowns that may be a danger to reliability and uptime.

Factors Important to Mission Critical Environments

For mission critical environments to remain stable, professionals have to ensure the stability and security of onsite equipment. A few of the factors that are most important for doing this are included below.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, your data center should have a disaster recovery plan ready. A good disaster recovery plan will minimize downtime and ensure your site is back online as soon as possible after a disaster event. This can include, but isn’t limited to:

  • Backup generators
  • Infrastructure features
  • Tools for solving problems
  • Trained onsite staff

Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is the best cure, and nowhere is that more evident than with data centers. Waiting for something to fail, whether it’s a server, power supply, or something else, is a recipe for reduced uptime and low-quality hosting.

Preventative maintenance means keeping an eye to ensure that hardware and infrastructure remain operating at full capacity with failing elements replaced before they become a problem.

Risk Management

Managing risk takes place everywhere, but it is no more critical than in a data center facility. As indicated above, risk is something to be avoided and finding a solution before a risk becomes a problem is a top priority.


Redundancy includes backups used if primary sources of power, connectivity, or something else go offline. For data center facilities trying to maximize uptime, redundancies are crucial. In many cases, data centers do not have control over when something goes wrong. Redundancies can help to mitigate any issues that arise.

Design mission critical environments for these things

Final Thoughts

Keeping mission critical environments secure and reliable is one of the most important tasks in a data center and involves looking at what might go wrong and finding the best way to prevent it. Thanks to Doug for showing us some of the ways in which that is done.

Want to know more about how we maintain mission critical environments? Contact our sales team.

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