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Miguel Balparda’s Adobe Summit recap

Miguel Balparda's Adobe Summit recap After a week in Las Vegas as a Summit Insider for the Adobe Summit, I’ve learned quite a few things about Adobe and their plans for Magento 2.

Adobe invited all of the Magento Masters to assist their annual event as Summit Insiders, a program that includes top executives, industry experts, major media correspondents, and pioneers in technology from around the globe.





Disclaimer: As a Magento Master, I attended the event for free, but these opinions are my own.

Day 1

The week started with an Insider’s presentation, reviewing previous years and also showcasing some of the new Adobe tools we should be using already, like Adobe Rush and Adobe Sign with its Office 365 integration. One of my favorite takeaways of going to this non-Magento event was getting to know the rest of the influencers and how they apply their different backgrounds to eCommerce.

After the introductory session, we headed to The Mirage for the Experience Maker Awards, an incredible private event including a reception and acts from The Beatles Love theatrical production by Cirque du Soleil. Several companies walked away with awards, with Platypus Shoes, a Magento 2 site, winning Best Commerce Experience.

Day 2

Day 2 started with the opening keynote, where Shantanu Narayen explained how Adobe sees the market and how their analytics point to retention as “the new growth.”

Right before the keynote, a new Techcrunch blogpost dropped, highlighting Adobe Commerce and how it integrates with Magento 2. Right after Santanu, Jason Woosley jumped on stage and explained to an audience of 16,000 what this meant for Adobe and Magento. Adobe Commerce is not a rebrand or a substitute for Magento 2, but a bundle of Adobe, Magento, and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). This new product integrates with the Amazon marketplace to try to close the last gap in Adobe’s experience offering.

Right after the keynote, the Community Pavilion opened. This pavilion was immense, with huge demos showcasing integrations between Adobe products with VR and AR. I paid extra attention to the Adobe Experience Manager and Magento2 GraphQL integration, an interesting proof-of-concept that creates product pages using drag-and-drop predefined blocks with the Venia theme.

The day continued with sessions about different technologies. I assisted one with Magento Cloud, but my favorite was from Dr. John Grotzinger, chief scientist for the NASA Curiosity rover mission to Mars.

Right after, we were invited to go back to the 90s by experiencing the thrills of Rolodexes, floppy disks and VHS movie rentals.

After a long day, we moved to the Influencers and Media reception at CHAYO for some beers, tacos, and enchiladas. We met several Adobe enthusiasts and chatted about the future of Magento, with everyone agreeing we had much to be excited about!  

Day 3

Day 3 started with more sessions, with Shantanu Narayen and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella taking the stage stage to talk about how Adobe and Microsoft work together to integrate their offerings.

Right after them, Reese Witherspoon and Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes took the stage to discuss how Reese launched her own production company and self-funded it for 5 years, making it possible to make her own decisions without shareholder interference.

After the keynotes, we headed back to the community pavilion to visit sponsors and take part in a Magento Masters Mixup meeting with Adobe employees. In this meeting, we met David Nuescheler, one of Adobe’s open source advocates and a key figure to follow if you’re interested in the future of Magento 2 open source.


The day wasn’t over yet and we headed to Sneaks, where Adobe showcases what’s to come in the near future. Hosted by actress, writer, and producer, Mindy Kaling, and Steve Hammond, Adobe’s Sr. Director of Experience Business in APAC, much of the focus was on AI and VR technologies.

After Sneaks, we gathered up some more Magento peeps and headed to the T-Mobile arena for Adobe Bash, the closing party featuring The Killers. There is not much to say about this, other than it was by far the coolest closing party I’ve ever attended! The Killers played all their hits in an arena just for Adobe, with plenty of food and drinks to go around.

After the party was over, I headed back to the hotel to rest up and start packing, but we had one day to go!

Day 4

Day 4 was all about Marketo and their Marketing Nation Summit, which is now part of Adobe Summit. I assisted with a couple of sessions, but took most of the day to get to know more Adobe integrators and developers and their ecosystem. One the day ended, I headed back home to Argentina to rest up and get ready for Magento Imagine in May.  

The biggest takeaway was how Adobe wants to include and integrate Magento into their offerings, and how we can work with other platforms to create a unique experience for our customers. Witnessing this first-hand helped me understand the size of Adobe (it’s HUGE), its potential for customers, and how those customers differ from the customer base we’re used to.. I’d say our builds will now become bigger and more complex, but with the correct developers and integrators, we can continue to consider Magento the leading eCommerce platform worldwide.

See you in Las Vegas next month for Magento Imagine!

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