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Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting Scope of Support

Hostdedi offers numerous ways to reach out for support, ranging from chats, to tickets or phone calls. We have support technicians who know WordPress and WooCommerce. But we have more than that – we have the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting to advise and consult on any WordPress or WooCommerce needs you might have.

Support Availability

Our Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed WooCommerce Hosting platforms are supported by the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting and backed by the industry’s best guarantees. Our teams are available 24/7/365 to provide assistance on a wide array of requests relating to our Managed Platforms and the features we offer.

We work through queue-based support systems that enable us to handle requests in the order in which we receive them. However, if you have an urgent request, please reach out to our phone support or live chat for immediate assistance.

Plugins, Themes, and Custom Code

Our Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed WooCommerce Hosting platforms include industry-leading plugins and themes, tested and integrated to work seamlessly with your websites. Our experts can provide advice on how to configure and utilize these plugins. However, our experts only provide limited support for custom themes and third-party plugins. On a time available basis, our team can analyze logs and other errors and advise on the best course of action and alternate solutions.

Because we have fine-tuned our platform, some custom code may conflict with our Managed WordPress Hosting and Managed WooCommerce Hosting systems. While we will be happy to consult on these issues, modifying or developing code is best handled by your development team.

If a problem stems from a paid plugin or theme, the best channel to request support is with their developers directly. Free plugins and themes are supported directly via the forums. In all cases, our experts will be glad to recommend plugins and themes that are supported by best practices and can be integrated into our platforms.

Website Development, Optimization, and Security

You know your business and you know how you want to promote your message to your customers. Developing your website is critical in promotion to customers, and typically entails unique coding, customization of plugins, and data creation/management. Our team understands how important this process is to your success and can advise your development team. However, coding, debugging code, website design/development, search engine optimization (SEO) and plugin customization are outside the scope of support.

Once your website is developed, you need it to hum for your customers. Besides hosting your website on the latest technologies, our technicians can provide guidance on performance optimization for your WordPress sites and WooCommerce stores. While we do not provide optimization services, we have a wide range of consulting background that is at your disposal.

Keeping your website, data, and customers secure is critical to your success. As your partner, we ensure the data center infrastructure, platform hardware, and software are up-to-date and secure.
Every site on our Managed WordPress hosting platform has the core WordPress solution automatically updated within a day or two of it being released to the public. We test each version against our workloads and prepare it for broad deployment across our network (which is why it takes a day or two). Security updates are automatically deployed immediately across our network.

You have, within your management portal, the ability (for a short period of time) to delay WordPress updates if you know you have some code you need to refactor.

Our Managed WooCommerce Hosting platform does not automatically update your core WordPress solution. Instead, you can select when this change takes place so you have time to verify your WooCommerce site as well.

Additionally, note that you have the ability to have all of your plugins updated automatically using our visual regression features that look at your site before and after plugin updates to make sure nothing has changed (in a staging environment) and pushes changes to production.

Upon request, we can also consult with you and your developers on how we can secure your individual sites. However, due to the customizations and unique development you create for each website, individual site security is ultimately your responsibility. And because this platform is a shared environment, penetration testing is not allowed. Specific security scans against your website URL may be possible, once you have received permission via ticket.

Data and Third Party Services

Your Data is critical. In many cases, it may be your entire business. This is why you will never see our team touch your data. It is too important for us to take any action on. Unless we have your written direction, we will not delete your data or your code/development efforts.

In addition, optimizing your databases is vital. We can advise on database connectivity and performance issues, however, we do not troubleshoot queries, or add/delete data. For critical database issues, we recommend you contact a professional DBA.

Services that are handled outside of Hostdedi (for instance: DNS management, Security services, CDN services or Backup when provided by a third party) are not supported by our technicians. We will be glad to provide guidance when possible, but do not perform configurations or customizations with third-party services.

We have trusted specialists, partners, and agencies to assist with needs outside of our scope of support. For additional information on these providers, please contact our solutions team.

Scope of Support Features

Features Hostdedi Collaboration Customer
Helpful humans available 24x7x365 via chat, ticket, and telephone X
Platform hardware and infrastructure updates and security patching X
Platform hardware, and website internal monitoring X
Automatic updates to WordPress applications X
Log analysis and conflict diagnosis X
Website development and design X
Plugin configuration and customization X
Plugin conflicts with WordPress and WooCommerce applications X
Search Engine Optimization X
Non-server security issues X

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