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Introducing the Hostdedi Product Life Cycle

Introducing the Hostdedi Product Life cycleWe’re proud to introduce a new approach to product releases, one that offers improved transparency and provides merchants and developers with increased peace of mind concerning the products and services we offer.

Our new product life cycle incorporates three main release stages and a retirement protocol. Each of these stages provides different levels of support, production readiness, and availability. Continue reading for more information and information on when a product is eligible for retirement.

Public Beta

The public beta is the first stage of the product life cycle. It is an early release of a product that may or may not become widely available at a later date. The public beta allows clients to provide feedback and for us to anticipate further product requirements before it becomes more widely available.

Because the public beta is an early release, we will only offer limited support. Our support team will try to help as much as they can, but limited experience with new products means it will not officially be offered.

Due to a lack of official support, these products will be available for free during the public beta period. This will change once products advance to the next stage: limited availability. We will notify all users before this happens.

We do not recommend public beta releases for use on production sites. They are primarily designed for testing and experimentation. There is a change that there will be bugs and unforeseen issues with public beta products, and it is possible that sudden changes will be made on the platform.

Limited Availability

Once we feel that a product has been suitably tested and is ready for a wider release, we will push it to stage 2: limited availability. During this release, specific user groups or regions will have access to the product/feature.

Limited availability releases will be ready for production workloads, but this is not guaranteed. This means that our SLA will apply in some cases, but will not be backed by credit issuance.

All limited availability releases will come with full support. That means that pricing will also be rolled out.

Once a product reaches the limited availability stage of its life cycle, the retirement protocol (as outlined below) will be applied. This means that we will not retire the product unless we can offer a suitable replacement. We will also be fully transparent about any upcoming changes to the product.

Public Availability

Once a product has reached the public availability stage of its life cycle, it will become available to all Hostdedi clients. This stage is a fully stable release that offers a production-ready product, with full SLA support and a standardized pricing model.

The Retirement Protocol

The retirement protocol applies to all products in either the limited availability or public availability stages of their life cycle. At these stages, we will only retire a product when we believe we are able to provide our clients with an alternate product that offers better value.

Because we understand that retiring a product can have a large impact on your site, we provide the following:

Reasonable Advance Notice

For minor changes, we will provide at least 1 months’ notice. In the case of major changes that will have a larger impact on client sites, we will provide at least 6 months’ notice.

Effective Alternatives

We will try our hardest to ensure that an alternative product is available for those impacted by one being retired. This may include a product or service offered by Hostdedi, or one provided by a reputable third party.

100% Support Until the Retirement Date

During the retirement process, we will not dial down support for products. This means that up until the last minute of a product’s availability, our support team will actively help you to get the results you need.

Note: that there are extenuating circumstances where we may have to accelerate the retirement protocol. This may be due to security issues or decisions made by third parties.

Summary of the Hostdedi Product Life Cycle

For more information on the Hostdedi product life cycle, please visit the knowledge library.

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