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How to Purchase and Register Your Domain Name

Selecting and purchasing your domain name is a really fun part of starting your online store or business. There are many domain registrars out there, but buying your domain from the host you intend to use makes things a bit simpler. We think it’s best to buy your domain from Hostdedi, but it’s not necessary to do this – it just takes a few steps out of pointing your DNS (domain name servers) in the right direction once the time comes for your site to go live.

Follow the steps below for a quick overview on purchasing your domain name from Hostdedi. 

Purchasing Your Domain Name from Hostdedi

Step 1

Buy your domain name! Visit our Domain Registration page here:

Step 2

Search for a domain name that fits your business. When you find a name you like, that is also available, you’ll see the screen below where you can add your new domain name and the number of years you’d like to register it for to the cart and checkout.

Step 3

Once you’ve selected the perfect domain name, just click the green “Add to Cart” button seen in the previous step. You’ll see this:

Step 4

Once you click the green “Checkout” button, you’ll either need to sign in or sign up to complete your purchase.

Step 5

Either sign in or sign up and you’ll be taken to the Hostdedi portal to complete your purchase.


Blam! You’re done! Purchasing your domain name is that easy. If you run into any trouble, please contact support. You can also find tons of helpful information in our Knowledge Base.

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