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After an amazing week of Yoga and meditation in the holy city of Rishikesh right beside Ganga river, it’s time for a Meet Magento India recap!

The day started early setting up the booth with all our swag in the amazing venue Wagento choose for the event.

Brent and Vijay opened the first Meet Magento event in India talking about the local community and how important is India in the Magento ecosystem. Right after them, Mark Lenhard, SVP of Strategy & Growth outlined Magento’s roadmap and announced, among other things, the Magento certification program with new exams to come.

Right now, there are 31 Magento 2 Trained Solution Partners, 1092 Magento Certifications, 1004 Individual Certified Developers and 1025 Magento 2 Trained Individuals. The Indian community is growing extremely fast and quite a few events are planned for this year. The full presentation can be found here.

Right after PayPal keynote presented by Narsi Subramanian breakfast was served and networking started, with lots of selfies included (probably the best of the event). Magento 2 was the most discussed topic of the day and how to make it faster the question I heard the most.

Once the rooms were divided and ready, 3 simultaneous tracks fired up with lots of informative presentations. It was now my turn to present “Making your life easier with the CLI” outlining the new bin/Magento feature included in Magento 2. The audience was quite interested in the available command line tools available out of the box and the possibilities to extend it and add new functionality.

Right after me, David Manners explained what the Community Engineering is doing and how you can contribute to the core. Coming from times where contributing was hard, David explained his role and what OSS meant in the eyes of Magento. More about this topic can be found in Magento’s DevBlog.

After that, I moved to the Shalimar room to hear our own Jeries talk about Understanding Cloud Application Management and our new sister company,

After a delicious of traditional Indian cuisine and some very warm interactions with the community, Vinai Kopp restarted the conversation with his presentation about Test Driven Development Magento Katas followed by Eugene Shakhsuvarov talking about Magento 2 technical guidelines.

After a long day with lots of new friends, the conference came to an end with Ben Marks remarks and Brent taking the largest selfie ever. I can’t confirm or deny Brent tried to make jokes without much success 😀

It was a long day, but the event didn’t end there. After some sleep, another Contribution day started early in the morning sponsored by Hostdedi where 25 pull requests were submitted to Magento 2 and some more to other Magento repos. Overall, it was an amazing event were we connected with a lot of happy customers who shared with us their success stories using Hostdedi as their hosting provider.

Thanks a lot to all the attendants and sponsors, see you again next year!


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