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Hostdedi Announces Upgraded Magento Server Clusters

Southfield, MI, January 22, 2014 – Hostdedi, a leading provider of Magento eCommerce hosting and Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, has announced that its powerful Magento server cluster plans will benefit from an substantial hardware upgrade. Responsiveness is of particular importance to eCommerce retailers, because faster sites have proven to provide increased sales.

Hostdedi’ Magento server clusters are designed to provide the highly optimized and responsive hosting solution required by high-traffic eCommerce stores. As part of the company’s ongoing effort to ensure that eCommerce clients are able to leverage the performance and reliability of the most up-to-date server technology, the company has significantly upgraded the hardware on its Magento MCE-SIP clusters.

All cluster plans that were previously using Dell PowerEdge R410 servers with Westmere-based Intel Xeon processors on web application servers, database servers, and file servers have been upgraded to Dell PowerEdge R420 servers that take advantage of Intel’s newer Sandy Bridge processor architecture.

In many cases, where Quad or Hex Core Westmere processors were used, they have been replaced by Sandy Bridge equivalents with a higher core count. For example, prior to the upgrade, the MCE-SIP–200 Web Application cluster included a file server with a pair of Quad Core Westmere E5620 processors, and a database server with two Hex Core Westmere X5650 processors. MCE-SIP–200 clusters now contain dual Hex Core E5–2420 Sandy Bridge processors in the file server and dual Oct Core E5–2450 Sandy Bridge processors in the database server. Similar upgrades have been made across the Magento server cluster range.

“As a company we’re dedicated to helping our eCommerce clients maintain performance that’s well ahead of their competition,” commented Chris Wells, President and CEO of Hostdedi, “In combination with our highly optimized software stack, these hardware upgrades ensure Hostdedi’ Magento server clusters continue to be the best choice for high-traffic enterprise eCommerce stores.”

Hostdedi Magento eCommerce clusters are highly scalable and are designed to allow for modular expansion. Clients are able to scale out clusters with additional web application servers, databases servers, file servers, payment bridge servers, load, and staging / development servers, among others. All clusters also include generous data usage allocations and CDN data usage.

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