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Here’s Why You Should Outsource Content Writing For Your Business

Outsource ContentContent is the heart of any online marketing strategy. Blog content, social media content, native advertising content, and more: each is an essential component of online marketing. Without content, it’s difficult to gain prominence in search engines or on social media networks, essential sources of referrals for any business.

I’ve met business owners who plow huge amounts of time into creating “authentic” content. I write for living, and over the years I’ve become an efficient creator of online content, but it doesn’t always come naturally. Some business owners spend many hours developing topics, researching, writing, and editing — time that could be spent growing the business in other ways.

If that’s the case, consider outsourcing your business’s writing workload to a professional.

Writing Isn’t Your Thing

Of course, you can write, but there’s a difference between writing an email and writing a long-form blog post that communicates valuable and relevant information in an entertaining style.

It’s easy for some, and a hard slog for others. If, after spending hours on a post, you read it through and think “even I wouldn’t read this,” it might be time to think about bringing in a pro.

You Don’t Have The Time

Every business owner is pulled in a million different directions, constantly asked to carry out tasks only they can complete. If you’re already working twelve-hour days, it might not be a good idea to add content creation to your todo list.

Your Time Is More Valuable Than The Cost Of Outsourcing

This is a simple matter of economics. Your time is valuable to you and to the business — it has a dollar value. If outsourcing content to a creative professional costs less than the amount of time you’d invest personally to produce a similar outcome, outsourcing is the rational choice.

Volume Matters

In addition to quality, there are two important factors that influence the success of a content-based strategy: volume and regularity. If you can’t commit to creating a sufficient quantity of content on a strict time-table, outsource the job to someone who can.

Outsourcing content writing seems like the opposite of authenticity. Business owners understand their brand and the identity they want to communicate. They worry that a hired gun simply won’t get it.

But that’s what creative professionals do: they are skilled at assessing a brand and producing content that embodies its identity. Outsourcing may improve the quality and consistency of your brand’s message, while freeing you to focus on building your business.

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