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5 Big Brands Using WordPress Ecommerce | Examples [2022]

WordPress isn’t just for blogging. Many big brands use WordPress ecommerce to run their websites.

WordPress offers powerful and customizable solutions for businesses of any size from small start-up retailers to multinational enterprise companies.

Looking for inspiration to build your online store with WordPress? Keep reading to see the top reasons big brands use WordPress, along with five ecommerce WordPress examples.

Why Big Brands Use WordPress

WordPress runs nearly half of the websites on the internet. What makes the content management system so popular? As an open source ecommerce platform, WordPress offers benefits and flexibility that proprietary website builders and ecommerce platforms cannot.

Benefits of using WordPress include:

  • Cost. WordPress is free. You only pay for WordPress hosting and any premium themes or plugins. Proprietary web platforms often require annual or monthly subscriptions. They also limit the number of visitors, transactions, or user accounts.
  • Ease of Use. WordPress is easy and fast to set up, especially if you purchase a managed WordPress hosting package. The learning curve for WordPress isn’t too steep either. Most people can figure out how to update a WordPress site with minimal training.
  • Control. With WordPress, you maintain complete control and ownership of your data.
  • Customization. Since WordPress is open source, enterprises can modify the code as needed. WordPress is infinitely customizable. Even if you’re uncomfortable with modifying the core WordPress code, you can still customize your site with plugins.
  • Themes and Plugin Options. Because of WordPress’s popularity, the platform has one of the largest markets for premium themes and plugins. With so many choices, WordPress users don’t have any problems picking the perfect theme or finding a plugin to activate a certain feature or complete an integration.
  • Community. WordPress has a robust and active user community. User communities help companies in two ways. First, when troubleshooting an issue, you can find a solution on a support forum or YouTube channel. Many developers and agencies create quality content and tutorials to help you learn how to use WordPress. You can also find tutorials from the Hostdedi team on this blog, including how to set up a WordPress store. Second, an active community helps with recruiting. The larger a platform’s user base, the easier it is to find and hire developers.
  • Scalability. WordPress and WooCommerce offer limitless possibilities. Assuming you have quality hosting and plugins, you shouldn’t experience problems with scaling WooCommerce for enterprise-level sales volumes.

5 Ecommerce WordPress Examples from Big Brands

WordPress’ versatile platform powers everything from food blogs to major news sites. Here are five examples of big brands using WordPress ecommerce. Each of these sites uses the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce enables businesses to add ecommerce functionality to any WordPress site.

1. Dr. Scholl’s

People around the world recognize this iconic foot care brand. For more than 100 years, Dr. Scholl’s has provided shoe inserts and other treatments. The brand added an ecommerce function to their existing WordPress website with the help of WooCommerce. Now customers can easily find and purchase the best products to help alleviate their problems.

2. Nalgene

Originally developed for plastic pipette jars for science labs, Nalgene quickly grew into one of the most popular outdoor brands. Their BPA-free water bottles continue to increase in popularity as consumers look for more sustainable and eco-friendly products. Nalgene’s WordPress ecommerce site lets buyers view their wide selection of products and even customize bottles.

3. Airstream

Best known for their shiny aluminum travel trailers, Airstream also sells campsites and other accessories directly through their website. So while you’ll still need to go into a dealership to buy an RV, their WordPress-powered site offers a selection of camping gear, T-shirts, and home goods for the inside of your trailer.


Like Nalgene, JOCO cups and containers increased in popularity as consumers looked for environmentally friendly options. JOCO products contain no plastic and come in various colors. Their clean and easy WordPress site lets customers preview all the different options.

5. Wienerschnitzel

You don’t actually have to sell anything on your website to utilize WooCommerce’s platform. Hot dog fast-food chain Wienerschnitzel uses WordPress and the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin to highlight their menu items and provide nutritional information.

A Better and Faster Way to Set Up WordPress Ecommerce

Setting up a WordPress ecommerce website doesn’t require hiring a team of developers or spending hours writing code. With StoreBuilder by Hostdedi, you can launch your store in as little as a day.

Just answer a few simple questions about your business, and StoreBuilder automatically sets up a WooCommerce site. You don’t have to worry about installing WordPress and then configuring WooCommerce. StoreBuilder does the work for you.

StoreBuilder installs and activates all the plugins you need to build a beautiful and functional store. The Hostdedi ecommerce experts vet each plugin to ensure they work flawlessly for small to enterprise-grade businesses.

StoreBuilder also includes a selection of premium themes to ensure your site looks as good as the ecommerce examples above from big brands.

One thing all of the examples from big companies have in common is they didn’t start out dominating the market. Building a business takes time. WordPress is an excellent platform for new or early-stage companies because the platform can grow with your business.

StoreBuilder, along with Hostdedi’ hosting services, can support your business as your online store grows. It’s the easiest way to open an online store with WordPress.

Check out our StoreBuilder plans to get started today.

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