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Should Freelancers Join Hosting Affiliate Programs?

As a freelancer, do you want to get paid without completing a project or even sending an invoice? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not if you join hosting affiliate programs.

Web hosting companies offer affiliate programs where they pay a commission for referring new customers. In this post, we’ll explore how hosting affiliate programs work, and the benefits and limitations of these programs.

How Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Work

Affiliate marketing dominates the internet. Website owners include links to products or services on their sites. Companies can track who clicks on the link. If the people who click make a purchase, the company pays a commission to the website owner. If you’ve ever wondered why every food blogger includes a long-winded story with links to four different Amazon products before they get to a recipe, now you know why.

Details of affiliate programs vary by company. In general, you can expect to earn either a percentage of the total purchase or a fixed rate based on product type. Most affiliate programs only pay commissions on the first purchase. You will not earn commissions on renewals.

The key to earning money as an affiliate marketer is to join a program with high commissions and identify products and services that are a good fit for your audience. Web hosting affiliate programs align well with freelance web developers’ clients. Your clients need a hosting service for the awesome websites you build. Joining an affiliate program allows you to earn additional income when you recommend a hosting service to your clients.

Affiliate commissions work for more than client referrals. If you have an active blog, social media following, or newsletter audience, you can promote the hosting affiliate links to your larger audience beyond clients.

Benefits of Hosting Affiliate Programs for Freelancers

Web hosting affiliate programs offer tremendous upsides for freelance web developers, including additional income, customer service, and promotional resources

Additional Income

Most freelancers relate to the struggle of finding their next freelance development client. Affiliate programs offer freelancers the chance to earn additional income without taking on more projects. Most freelancers make recommendations for hosting services to some or all of their clients. By joining an affiliate program, freelancers can earn income from a recommendation they would make anyway.

Customer Service

The most significant advantage of joining an affiliate program is that you’re not responsible for customer service. From billing to technical support, the hosting company remains responsible for the customer relationship. This is one of the main benefits of hosting websites for clients.

Promotional Resources

Many affiliate programs provide you with the resources you need to encourage people to sign up for hosting. From custom landing pages and content to banner ads, programs can help you find ways to promote hosting services in addition to sending client referrals.

Limitations of Hosting Affiliate Programs for Freelancers

While everyone loves additional income, affiliate programs do have some downsides. Mainly, you make less money through affiliate marketing than you would hosting clients’ sites. And the programs have certain regulations.

Lower Margin

Most affiliate programs pay out a one-time commission. You won’t earn money on any renewals. You can make more money by hosting clients’ websites yourself in the long run, especially if you bundle your hosting services with a maintenance package for your clients.

Program Regulations

When signing up for an affiliate program, review the terms and conditions carefully. The terms should clearly define how and when you get paid as an affiliate. If you’re thinking you could double dip and sign up for an account yourself to use for hosting clients’ sites via your affiliate link, know that most programs won’t pay a commission in this case and may disqualify you as an affiliate.

Disclosure Requirements

If you earn a commission from affiliate marketing, you must disclose your relationship as an affiliate. Federal Trade Commission guidelines require disclosure to be “clear and conspicuous” so the average reader can clearly understand that you make money off of the recommendation.

Should Freelancers Join Hosting Affiliate Programs?

The answer to if a web hosting affiliate program is right for you depends on if you want to host clients’ sites. If you want to host clients’ sites, you’ll probably make more money during the account’s lifetime by hosting the site for your clients and marking up the service. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of being on call 24/7 as the hosting tech support for all your clients, an affiliate program is an excellent way to earn money with less work.

Affiliate programs and selling hosting services are not mutually exclusive. You could choose a combination approach where you host a few smaller client sites and use your affiliate status for larger projects requiring around-the-clock support.

What’s the Best Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

Obviously, we’re a bit biased, but we think the Hostdedi affiliate program is the best choice for freelance web developers.

Benefits of the Hostdedi hosting affiliate program include:

  • Generous Payouts. You’ll earn the higher end of $150 or 150% of the first month’s service per referral sale.
  • 90-Day Window. Earn commissions on customers who convert up to 90 days after their first click from your site.
  • Promotional Content. Our team provides ready-to-go messaging, blogs, banners, ads, and more.
  • Excellent Service. When you refer clients to Hostdedi, you can trust they’ll receive top-quality hosting.

Sign up today to start earning money as a Hostdedi’s affiliate.

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Make Your Business Successful With These 5 Marketing Ideas for the New Year

A new year always comes with new beginnings. For small ecommerce stores, it’s time to assess your performance from the last year and devise strategies that can help your business grow.

On the one hand, there’s the rapid advancement in marketing trends, and on the other, your business has some goal setting to do. The best way to tackle these challenges is to revisit your existing marketing strategies and create better ideas for the year ahead.

Some marketing campaign ideas to promote your business with the new year include launching new products, introducing discount coupons, and offering referral programs. Those and other new year marketing ideas can help you boost sales and improve your customer experience.

Read along as we highlight some of the best marketing ideas for the new year.

The Need for New Year Marketing Campaigns

New Year Marketing Ideas

1. Run New Year Marketing Promotions
2. Pay Attention to Best-Performing Products
3. Automate Your Online Marketing
4. Use the Power of Social Media
5. Start a Referral Program

Final Thoughts: 5 New Year Marketing Ideas To Revolutionize Your Business

The Need for New Year Marketing Campaigns

The start of the year is the perfect time for you to look back and reflect on your company’s performance. It’s the best time to create brand awareness by implementing fabulous marketing ideas and leaving a mark on your audience’s heart and mind.

In the world of ecommerce marketing, the new year and holiday season are a time to carve a space in the market. By creating effective advertising campaigns at this time, such as social media posts and digital marketing, you can increase your online sales.

With the beginning of another year, it’s time for all of your new year content ideas to come alive.

New Year Marketing Ideas

  1. Run new year marketing promotions.
  2. Pay attention to best-performing products.
  3. Automate your online marketing.
  4. Use the power of social media.
  5. Start a referral program.

These new year ideas can help you create a comprehensive strategy while focusing on your marketing ideas for each month. That will help you stay organized and fit your smaller plans into your bigger yearly targets.

Here are the five best new year marketing tips that you can use to create effective strategies and gain your customers’ trust this year.

1. Run New Year Marketing Promotions

The first month is a great time of year to boost your sales. When creating marketing ideas for January, focus on running holiday sales, new year promotions, and giveaways.

That’s where email marketing and targeted text messaging can be of great help. By sending out customized marketing emails and discount codes to potential customers, you’ll see an increase in your number of conversions — an excellent start to the new year.

You should also focus on tying your brand image with the new year’s theme. For example, try using a common new year resolution to promote a certain product or service.

This is also a good time to use the power of content marketing. You can create attractive blog posts to spark interest in your new year sales. Sending out new year emails should also be a significant part of your January marketing strategy.

2. Pay Attention to Best-Performing Products

When gathering new year marketing ideas, don’t ignore the products performing well over the last few months. When you analyze the last year’s progress, it isn’t hard to pinpoint your successes based on customer reviews. Now’s the time to use that important information.

Your high-performing products need more attention. You can use focused product marketing strategies to attract new customers. You can also use your best products as the central point of your marketing efforts.

But don’t neglect other products. To be truly successful, a small business must also learn from its mistakes. Promote products that didn’t perform as expected and need more help selling, so your customers are attracted to them.

3. Automate Your Online Marketing

One of the critical aspects of modern businesses, especially if you’re relying on ecommerce sales, is the automation of digital marketing. If you’re a small business owner and your marketing campaigns aren’t automated yet, now is the time to set this goal for the year.

According to Iterable, 39% of organizations are using marketing automation tools — and that number will only get higher. Online marketing automation software like Marketo, HubSpot, and Mailchimp are becoming vital for ecommerce businesses.

If you’re already benefiting from marketing automation, you can use the data to track your performance, create email campaigns, and promote social media posts to grow your business this year.

4. Use the Power of Social Media

Social media channels are one of the most powerful modes of marketing. If you’re running an ecommerce store, you can never ignore the power of social media platforms and the value they can bring to your business. If Google ads can help you increase traffic to your website, Facebook ads and Twitter hashtags can do even more. Not only can you create targeted ads, but you can also engage your potential clients in a conversation. Social channels provide a way to create a strong connection with your audience and make them feel valued.

According to Criteo, 47% of marketers believe their budget for social media marketing will increase in the coming year. When thinking about new year marketing ideas, you should focus on creating a social media calendar to promote your business.

5. Start a Referral Program

Referrals are always a great way to broaden your customer base. If your online business doesn’t have a referral program in place, it should be one of your targets for the new year. Referrals also serve as authentic testimonials, along with your already available online reviews.

You can create programs where your existing loyal customers can refer clients to you. In return, you can offer gift cards and discount coupons as incentives to promote customer loyalty.

Focus on expanding your customer base this year to gain a competitive edge and increase sales. When listing marketing ideas to start the new year, pay due attention to referral programs. We can’t overstate the benefits of these programs as a marketing tool for online businesses.

Final Thoughts: 5 New Year Marketing Ideas To Revolutionize Your Business

The start of the new year is the time where you can revolutionize your business. It provides an opportunity to create new effective marketing strategies and boost sales. For ecommerce businesses, it’s essential to think about unique new year marketing ideas and learn from the success stories of other brands in your niche.

Interactive websites and online stores are extremely important for ecommerce businesses. Create a compelling website and online store with Hostdedi to significantly increase your sales and improve your marketing strategies this year.

Check out StoreBuilder by Hostdedi. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create an online store with WordPress.

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