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Five Ways eCommerce Merchants Can Improve Sales With A Return And Refund Policy

Compared to brick-and-mortar retailers, there’s one area in which eCommerce is at a disadvantage — shoppers can’t examine the goods. However clear product descriptions and images are, there is no substitute to being able to try before buying.

Customers take a risk when they buy a product from an eCommerce store. It might not be what they want. It might not fit. It might not work. All of which breeds doubt that can lead to the shopper abandoning the purchase.

Merchants can combat that doubt with a returns policy that makes it easy for customers to ship goods back and get a refund if they experience buyer’s remorse. Read More »

Dynamic Pricing Gives Magento Retailers An Edge Over The Competition

Pricing is one of the most difficult tasks facing online retailers. Customers are willing and able to go to significant lengths to compare prices, and there are many comparison marketplaces that will do the job for them. Set prices too high, and sales will be lost to the competition. Set them too low, and retailers miss out on potential profits. Following a fixed price set-it-and-forget-it strategy leaves retailers vulnerable to being undercut by competitors.

Dynamic pricing is the answer. Dynamic pricing — the alteration of prices to reflect demand, supply, and the competitive environment — can help retailers set prices at just the right point to maximize sales without cutting too deeply into profits. Read More »

Is Amber The Solution To Link Rot For WordPress Site Owners?

The web has come a long way since the days in the early nineties when Tim Berners-Lee first published his ideas about a new way to organize information. But the web as we know it would be recognizable — if astonishing — to its early users because the core technology of the web, the link, is still the tie that binds the world’s information together.

But the humble hyperlink has a problem — content tends to disappear. All-too-often a link leads nowhere. If a piece of content stays on the web for long enough, a proportion of its links will be broken. The longer it’s up, the more likely it is that the links will break; a process known as link rot. Read More »

Building Online Courses With WordPress

If you are a relatively successful blogger who wants to enhance the revenue your site generates, what are your options? Premium content is the obvious avenue, with many bloggers opting for paywalled articles, podcasts, and ebooks, but one of the best revenue spinners for bloggers — and one that I see used relatively infrequently — is the online course. An online course can be a great way to develop a consistent stream of income from your site.

An online course is a natural extension of blogging, especially for bloggers who already write educational content. Whether you blog about travel, woodwork, fashion, or anything else, an online course can provide a solid alternative — or complement — to a reliance on advertising income. Read More »

The Shoplift Vulnerability Continues To Cause Problems For Unpatched Magento Stores

This February was the first anniversary of the discovery and patching of the Shoplift Magento vulnerability. In spite of a patch being made available immediately after the vulnerability was discovered, it appears that a significant number of Magento eCommerce retailers have yet to patch their store or upgrade to a version of Magento without the vulnerability. Stores that are not yet patched are at significant risk of compromise.

Shoplift is a serious remote code execution vulnerability caused by a coding error that allows an attacker to inject SQL into a store’s database. It can — and has been — used to add new admin users to Magento stores. At that point, the attacker has complete control over the store and its data. Read More »